Providing a Professional Approach to Process Server and Private Investigator Training

Process Server
Training Courses

Become a highly qualified and respected member of your local legal community. We offer three courses designed for both novice and experienced servers.
Only applies to the State of Washington.

PI Pre-Assignment
Training Courses

We offer two pre-assignment training courses tailored to fit your needs. Both are designed to satisfy
State of Washington requirements.
Only applies to the State of Washington.

Choose the Course Which is Right for You

Process Serving 101 – The Basic Elements

This course, Process Serving 101, provides the entry level server with the fundamental knowledge needed to serve legal documents in accordance with state law, court rules, and case law. It also provides hints, tips, and techniques on a wide variety

Process Serving 102 – Case Law

Over 30 appellate cases, each dealing with an important aspect of service of process, have been analyzed and summarized to make their meaning clear. These cases cover:

Process Serving 103 – Standards and Best

The Center sets the standard for the industry through the creation of standards and best practices. Training, knowledge, ethics, and more are covered in detail.