PS 101 – Course Final Exam

This is your final exam for the PS 101 course. You must achieve a grade of 80% or higher in order to pass. You’ve seen all the questions before as they are chosen at random from the various articles in the course. There are 75 questions and they appear 10 to a page. You cannot save a partially completed exam so you must finish it in one sitting. That said, you may take it as many times as you wish. Each time you take the exam you’ll be presented with a different set of questions.

This is an “open book” exam. By opening a second browser window you can look for answers in one window while you take the exam in the second. The underlying principal of this course is to know the material as opposed to simply passing a quiz, test, or exam.

Once you’ve scored 80% or higher contact Robin Mullins at and he will make arrangements for you receive your certification.

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